My name is butterloaf and Im a chick acholic


8 Years
Apr 22, 2011
I ordered 30 chicks with full intentions of splitting them ,that was 2 weeks ago and I still have 29. One guy wanted a polish and I drilled him about why and what he was going to do with this chick that he never came.I suspected snake food.My husband said today your gonna have to let go of some of them you know ....This is so much harder to do than I thought it would be...sigh.They look at me as the momma and I want to keep them all but I cant .My coop is only 8x11 and being finished and Im thinking maybe I can build another one!!I have slipped into chicken maddness...
They are wonderful, right?
You will definitely have to give away some roos. Do you know yet how many boys you have?

I would give them away when you know the sex. Keep the girls.

If you keep a rooster, you are going to end up with way too many chickens, and its painful to deal with culling or giving them away.

As much as I hate to say it, snake food may be a good way for a rooster to go. Or find someone who will cook them for their family.

If you dont thin the group, you will have fighting later on. 29 chickens need LOTS more than 8x11.
Put up plenty of roosts so they can all claim a spot...

good luck! enjoy! they are even better when they grow up!
I ordered 15. Got 16. I am keeping 4 or 5. My friend is going to take 4 or 5. I have 2 other people from C.L. who will be taking the rest. I made them leave them with me until they are old enough for an outside coop. Which everybody is fine with. I too will be having a hard time letting some go. But seeing as packing peanuts are usually roos and I do not want a roo. This will work to my advantage.
I know that I do not want 16 chickens in my backyard, but picking my favorites is going to be tough.
I dont know who the roos are yet ,The buttercups sit on my lap while I tend to the others .I have light bramas,black cochins,salmon faverolle,buff orphingtons,buttercups and polish and I love them all but I agree that I must thin the herd and part with the roos however I am legally allowed to have a roo but I have one of those neighbors who just needs a reason to complain so ,I will wait until they no longer need heat. I already have a home lined up just hope my motherly instincts do not run this guy off too! Thanks for sharing I dont feel so alone !

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