My naughty, naughty ducks!


9 Years
Mar 23, 2010
Well, just when I thought the ducks were the best behaved pets I owned, they went and picked up a really bad habit!! There's a ball field that borders my property, and is separated by a steep hill and trees. The community uses it for kids ball games. Well the ducks have decided this is their new favorite playground! Every evening I go out and they're all gone. No ducks.

Takes me 10 minutes to call them in and low and behold I see them finally come running from the FAR back property line. They cannot cross the hills and tree line, so they go all way to the back of the property where there's a path to the field. Every night for 4 nights, we have found them up there. Today DURING a ball game.

We recently bought material to put up a fence for them, so it is in the making, but it is going to take a while to put up. We have almost 5 acres of land, why in the WORLD do they feel the need to go off the property all the sudden? Ugh! Any ideas for keeping them out of the field until the fence is up?? I hate to lock them up, but they could get hurt around people, or I could get in trouble with the city.

Anyone had a similar issue before? Naughty ducks!! lol
I know of a pair of geese that like to hang out in the ballfields at the lake. I think they like the grass there. Also, for some reason, there's also lots of worms and ants in the fields, too. Perhaps that's what your duckies are going after. The geese also like to stay on the fields even when people come to play baseball.
Well today was the first time a game was going on. The other times they were just in the empty field.

I wonder if your right desertdarlene, maybe the buggies are more delicious there!

We're hoping to have the fence put up completely within 2 weeks, in the meantime I am not sure how we're going to break this new habit!

I just dont want them getting hurt, or us getting in trouble!

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