My neighbors are complaining about my girls!!

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by brandy21410, Nov 26, 2016.

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    I have 10 hens (only) and they squack very early in the morning (6-7am) and my neighbors made a complaint about them. Well I think the problem is the girls are loud really early so I blacked out their chicken coop so that they wake up and make sound later. However one hen still does her song even though it is dark and I was wondering if any one had any pointers on how to keep her quieter. They are only 1 year old pullets and I am thinking they r just inexperienced. But I dont want to have to get rid of my girls, it is legal in my town to have chickens (hens and only 5) maybe I should downsize? Any help would be greatly appreciated. TIA
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    If the neighbors are complaining, you need to get down to the legal limit, and maybe the loudest hen will be one who leaves. If you are totally in compliance, and make an effort to address the neighbor's concerns (free eggs?) Hopefully it will all work out. Blocking sound a bit on that side of the yard won't hurt either. Good luck! Mary
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    If the neighbours have made an official complaint to your municipality then chances are a compliance officer will be making a visit and issue an order to comply (with the municipal bylaws) which means you'll have to get rid of 5 of your hens unfortunately.

    If they haven't called you in I would try to single out the loud hen and give her away, which should be relatively easy, and hope that appeases your neighbours!
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    Some of the hen are too noisy and would be best to butch or give them away. I have been doing that in the last few year. As right now, I don't have any noisy hen or rooster in the flock.
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    Give them a few dozen free eggs and they will go from complaining to bragging. :)
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    Replace them with quieter breeds? Perhaps some that lay colored eggs (blue or green)? Those would really get them bragging!
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    Ditto Dat^^^

    ....and.... chickens can be very noisy, even the pullets/hens, it's just how they are.
    More about individual birds rather than breed.
    Crowding might contribute to the noise duration and level.

    Mine seem to make the most noise when they are first coming into lay and then when a nest that one wants is not available.
    But I've had some that just seem to like to can come and go...yelling for hours everyday for days or weeks, then they just stop.
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    Yes they hav made a complaint so I am going to downsize. Also I tried to talk to these neighbors nd give them eggs but they ignor me, they are an older couple that I guess just enjoy the quiet. I got rid of the hen that was boisy and it helped alot, but letting the chickens out later in the day seemed to help wonders, although it slowed down their egg production because of the loss of a couple of hours of sunlight, but atleast I still have them. I am just worried about her incessant calling but the town I live in seems to b on my side they said if I am within the legal limit of hens theres nothing they can do. I know I wasnt over crowded with chickens its just one of my RR hens was SO loud I had to get rid of her. [​IMG]
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    If you've cut morning light, you can add it at the back end of the day. Some neighbors just like to complain. As long as there is not a noise ordinance that you are disobeying, you are within your rights. That being said, as neighbors, we should do what is in our power to keep the peace. Perhaps planting some dense shrubbery between your yard and the neighbor's yard. Even a well constructed privacy fence will go far to cutting the noise. Keep your flock size within the legal limit. While an exuberant pullet can be noisy, often dogs are even noisier, but overlooked as a neighborhood irritant, because they are more common. Many dogs are incessant with their barking. Personally, I'd not feel obligated to give away eggs to keep the peace. Depends on your supply, and otherwise on your relationship with the neighbors. It can eventually lead to an expectation. Sorry. I work hard, 365 days/year, my chicken housing is expensive, as is their feed. I'll gladly sell them, and share them WHEN it's my idea to do so, but never out of obligation.
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    Ditto Dat^^^

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