My neighbors call me the Crazy Chicken Lady


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Jun 2, 2020
Hi Everyone! My name is Keri!

I have been raising chickens my entire life. My mother owns an animal pet food and supply store, so I have been raising and rescuing animals from a very young age. When my husband moved here from California I naturally wanted to ease him into farm life, so when we purchased our first home, we started with chickens and have been adding new girls to the coop every year for going on six years now. We now have an almost two year old son (George) who, like his mother, is obsessed with animals and looks forward to letting the girls out to roam the yard every morning. As of right now we have 18 chickens of a variety of breeds and ages. This will the first Spring we will not be adding to the coop, since I am 7 months pregnant with our second son (Bennett) and my husbands to do list is already too long. Don't worry though, we did get another puppy when we first found out we were pregnant, so theres still plenty of craziness happening outside the coop.. because you know a 20 months old, dog and two cats wasn't enough.

I was introduced to Backyard Chickens just recently from a friend in town, when I ran into a chicken illness mystery and desperately needed help finding a cure. I look forward to getting new ideas and suggestions from fellow chicken and animal lovers.

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