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  1. good?neighbor

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    Aug 18, 2010
    We live in Dallas, TX and our next-door neighbors have chickens that range all over, but mostly stay in our yard during the day. They also have 3) roosters. I am somewhat OK with the noise and the mess but now they have brought chiggers. I know chickens have chiggers: My husband is severely allergic to chigger bites (requires medical attention) so I need to do something. If I put out pesticide, that may kill the chickens. Our neighbors speak a different language so I cannot explain this problem to them. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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    Apr 2, 2009
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    I guess if you put up a fence it might keep them out. It's a shame that YOU have to fence to keep the neighbor's flock under control, but sometimes it goes that way.
  3. WingingIt

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    Apr 16, 2009
    You could call animal control and have them bring a cage. Once they are caged/trapped and back at animal control, hopefully they can communicate with them that they need to keep them on their own property.
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    Well chiggers rarely stay on chickens.Mostly they are found in wet bushes,grasses,marshes or new cut lawn like gold courses and such.If those chickens have dirt or dust to bathe,then if at the remotest possibility,it will remove chiggers.

    There is an alternate way for you and your some guineas.They actually eat chiggers! True fact.
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    You might try spreading DE (diatomaceous earth) on your lawn, under your shrubs and any place the chickens seem to like to gather. It will not hurt the chickens and should help control the chiggers - plus any other critter who crawls thru it.

    Thanks for the link - learn something new here almost every day - did not know that chiggers would attack chickens. [​IMG]

    What a good neighbor you are.
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    May 19, 2009
    Some laws state that it is your responsibility to keep animals off your property, and some laws put the onus on the animal owner. In other places, the two of you share responsibility. You should find out where you stand, and try to find a relative of theirs that can relay your concerns. Maybe you can spray your yard, and have the neighbors contain their birds until the insecticide is no longer toxic?
  7. CoyoteMagic

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    Tell your neighbors they are going to have to keep the chickens in their yard. Plain and simple. Their chickens. Their responciblity. You are a good neighbor for putting up with this so far but your neighbors aren't for letting it happen. Tell them you are going to be spreading poison to kill the chiggers and it will kill the chickens too if they are over in the yard.

    BLEAH I absolutely HATE Chiggers!!!
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    You can use a translation site like to compose a note in your neighbor's language. I think it's always best to attempt communication before involving the authorities.
  9. mmaddie's mom

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    You seem to be a good and considerate neighbor... good luck with a difficult situation.

    And, yes, I would try to find a good translator to explain how serious this is for your husband!
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    May 13, 2010
    people use pesticides all the time around chickens, even in their coops. You can use sevin dust all over your yard. However, the Diatomaceous Earth is the BEST thing, put it ON the chickens if you can catch them and sprinkle your yard as indicated above. It will kill the chiggers. Use a dust mask when spreading this out and make SURE you dust it under damp dark areas like low bushes, etc.


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