My new baby brooder.

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  1. Ashburnham

    Ashburnham Songster

    [​IMG]Overall cost a few dollars for some screws- the rest made from junk around my shed.
    Length- 1130, Width- 620, Height- 570. Height from floor- 1330.
    Mesh top for ventilation. Commercial dimmer for heat control. Plastic viewing window.

  2. Miss Molly

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    Apr 27, 2012
    Newcastle California
    Great job... It really turned out Awesome :)
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  3. Ashburnham

    Ashburnham Songster

    Thanks- I just have to paint it, put on some door hardware-- - then wait for spring! lol
  4. krcote

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    May 21, 2008
    Concord, NH
    I love it. It should work out really well for you [​IMG]
  5. Bangarang64

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    Apr 2, 2012
    Lake Okeechobee
    I was going to comment on the height of the bulb and how you can't lower or raise it, then I saw the dimmer switch. Good job! Only think I would have done different is attached the bottom with a hinge/latch system for easy cleaning. Right now I'm using a rubbermade tub so you have me beat by a mile!
  6. Ashburnham

    Ashburnham Songster

    Yeah - I have found you can get much better heat control with a dimmer.
    That light bulb is just for show- it willl be replaced with a ceramic type heat bulb.
  7. fiddlebanshee

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    Mar 11, 2010
    Frederick, MD
    I had something very similar with my first batch of chicks. The only thing I am doing differently with the next batch is to make sure they can't jump out of the brooder when you open the door. So I would make the ledge you have now higher to prevent curious chicks from jumping out. I think I will make mine at lease 30 cm high at the door, and removable so that i can clean things out easily.

    I also made the whole front into two doors that open, again for cleaning ease. My top was screen too, that worked well. Now it's a brooder/coop so it has a fixed roof, hence the cleaning issue.
  8. Ashburnham

    Ashburnham Songster

    It will be only used for the first 2 weeks- then they will go out into my bigger brooder shed.
  9. wekiva bird

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    Mar 18, 2010
    South Carolina

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