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    At 5:37 am I got a call from the US Post Office my 1st order from Whelp had come in. I had ordered 30 baby chicks and 7 Burbon Red Poults I'm happy to say that all 38 (got a extra chick) were happy, healthy and spunky. Of course I wasn't very happy or very spunky farmer waking up so early but I'm just happy they are all well. The post master sounded desperate please pick up the chicks now [​IMG]. Tonight I'll be sleeping with a pillow over my head.

    If I post pictures do you think you guys can identify the Welsummers from the Amercaunas and the Red Sex Links from the Buff Orphington? I'm giving some to my grandma but I wanted to make sure Im giving her 3/3 red sex link and Buff Orphington.

    Order included:
    - 5 Welsummers
    - 5 Cuckoo Maran
    - 5 Red Sex Links
    - 5 Buff Orphington
    - 5 Black Austrolope
    - 5 Ameraucanas
    - 7 Burbon Red Turkeys

    Sept. 31 an order of Silkies & Polish chicks will be shipping out (ordered them for my grandma.) from IDEAL Hatchery. I also have 4 lavender keets coming in with order. I'm going to split the keets with my grandma [​IMG]

    When they first came in

    Found the play pen I use for my baby goats. Worked out perfectly.


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    Congratulations on your chicks' arrival! They sure are cute!! Good luck with them. They grow fast!

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