My new birds arrived today in a blizzard...God Bless the Post Office


9 Years
Feb 15, 2010
Just wanted to share with you how wonderful people can be. My new juvenile red golden males were due to arrive this afternooon in the mail and we are in the middle of a huge snowstorm.

Well, at seven am my phone rang. It was Laura from the Post Office telling me my birds had arrived and she would open up the back door for me so I could come get them before the snow got too deep (we are predicted 15-25 inches today!).

I picked them up and was able to settle them in their pen before leaving for work! Any advice on how to settle new birds and any good snacks to entice them to eat. Also the one bird smashed his tail feathers pretty good in the box...
Congratulations on your new birds!
Condolences on all the snow you are supposed to get.
It is refreshing to hear someone with a positive post office post!
Congrats! they love mealworms, mixed grains, and leafy greens, native and grown grapes, apples etc. I tried to plant a flower garden in their pen so they could have flowers and spent seeds to eat and they will ate every last seed I planted!
It was like they hit the jackpot at the casino! lol I give my birds an vitamin and electrolyte supplement and probiotics for the stress settling in and the tail feathers will grow back in nice next molt.

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