My new blue/splash Silkie breeders!!


Chapel Farms
11 Years
Sep 13, 2008
Jemison, AL
These are from Julie (Bamachicken) and Lydia (Webb Acres), both of whom no longer show or breed Silkies.

I'm incubating the first batch after revamping the Blue/black/splash pen. Eleven out of eleven are developing! I'm keeping my finger's crossed that I will have promising results for next Spring!!






oh my gosh - your silkie rooster (first picture) looks just like my PA and i have MA that looks just like your hen toooooo. I just joined the forum because i am having troubles with my silkie rooster (PA) he is not acting right and i don't know what to do or who to ask and i saw your post and felt a spark of hope - i swear he looks just like my PA - could i ask a few questions???? does it make since to say that PA is acting depressed??? ma has been broody and just got back to pa and she is hovering over him like a mother hen - she is worried too.
Ah Ha! now we are getting somewhere. They are looking very nice, Claudia. Exciting to look forward to the babies. I love those nice tight horizontal wings. Great Job!

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