my new born chick is acting different (i think)... im worried sick..


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Jul 8, 2021
Hello, my name is Niko, i just turned 22 and im from Florida but i just moved to Tennessee about 2 months ago and began raising some hens and roosters. I'm new to this, so excuse me if my concerns seem foolish..

My new friend was born two days ago luckily while I was feeding the new family. Well when I fed them all their feed and that's when i saw the little .. dude?.. for the first time. He was laying under two .. yes, TWO hens. When i came out a couple hours later to give them a treat, i noticed the new baby was being pecked at by two new hens (by new, i just mean different). - two, maybe 3 weeks ago this happened to a different chick but I wasn't lucky enough to catch it before becoming injured and badly brain damaged. This time the hens hadn't even made a sore thankfully... but to be safe i took the fella inside with me bringing a big bowl of starter feed, a bowl of water ((which i make sure is always as clean as possible.), some smooshed peaches as a treat, and put him in a terrarium under a heat lamp and put a (dry of course) washcloth to lay on if he chooses. He's eating for sure... he eats a lot. but, after a few bites, his pecking for the feed intensifies, so much that his food flies allllll over the place. more than normal... ill include a pic for a reference. Also, he has bad separation anxiety... anytime i leave him or set him down, he runs to the glass pecking it profusely in my direction... chirping loudly and in a panicky type of way.. its troubling 😭💔 Also he's EXTREAMLY frequently pecking, almost scratching his back or left/right wings... like a lot. and when he's in my hands, he nuzzles up from one side of my hand all up my arm. i thought he was cold but we sit under a heat lamp.. randomly he falls asleep for a few minutes curled in my hand, but not for long... just now, he woke up, then slowly fell back down asleep again. then woke up forreal this time and went to look for food. plus I've heard him sneeze twice. is he going to be okay? I've read like everything i could on the matter but its really worrying me...please help..

i swear i spend A LOT of time with him and give him a lot of love.... oh, and i forgot to mention he does drink.. but not as much as he eats...

and he poops. i did see him poop. several times actually. so thats good.


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He looks and sounds like a normal, healthy chick.
The separation anxiety is because he needs a friend. You can't just leave him on his own. Can you get one or two more chicks to keep him company?

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