My new chickens!!! :D

The Red Rooster

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Aug 14, 2011
Rapid City, South Dakota
I got some new chickens. was wondering when should I let them out of the pen so they can free-range?

This one I call Roly Poly

This one doesn't have a name yet. Poor chicken:(

This one really doesn't have a name eather.
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Mar 16, 2009
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I would leave them the coop/run in for at least 3 days if not 7, if they are good about going to bed in the coop I'd try to let them out. the first time you let them out, do it 1/2-1 hour before their usual bed time so they don't go far, stay with them to make sure they go back to bed. If they are good little chickies I'd do this one more time maybe 1-2 hours before bed with slightly less supervision, and if they are good chickies again they earned their freedom.

they are cuuuuute! I miss baby chickens

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