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Jan 24, 2010
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Here is my current flock of new chickens! I got my order from Mcmurray hatchery and there were a total of 32 chicks. (most of them going to other people). Out of the 32, 12 were bantam and the others were regular. We had 4 deaths (3 bantams, 1 regular) The deaths were 2 bantam whitcrested black polish, 1 easter egger bantam, and 1 new hamphsire red regular. Here is the flock!

This first picture is for size comparison. The 4 larger ones are 2 week old bantam barnevelders that I incubated myself. The 3 little black ones are Quail Antwerps, there is a white crested black polish bantam, 2 easter egger bantams, and 3 frizzle cochin bantams (one not shown). Also, the one with the green mark on its head is a regular sized new baby chick.. a new hamphsire red that we are giving away to a friend... but it just shows how small the bantam chicks are when compared up next to this guy.

Here are the little quail antwerps checking out the camera.. a little washed out!

The little white crested black polish is a fiesty one... he is the only one that from day one likes to try and scratch the ground looking for something... all the others seem to take a week or so before that desire kicks in

These two in the middle are the easter egger bantams.. it looks like one will be silvery and the other more white.... has any one had easter eggers this coloring? and what did they end up like? They seem very sweet

This is a good look at how small and petite the little quail antwerps are... they are funny, they are the smallest but they have the biggest attitude already... my 2 week old barnevelders are kind of scared of these newbies and the quails will go up and peck at the barnies... so funny how they have little man syndrome


I put some paper towels down for the new ones and my barnies (2 weeks old) would have none of that... it wasn't in there for more then 5 minutes before they had dug it up and were dust bathing in the pine chips below... oh well, the newbies all seem to be eating the right food so hopefully they will be fine

So the 4 that died, one was DOA, the other two bantams that died were on there way when we got them home... I couldn't get either of them to eat or drink, and the 4th was a new hamphsire red and he seemed to be doing good, he ate and drank and seemed active but then last night went down hill fast. Now I have had them for almost 2 days and everyone else is very active so hopefully we are at the end of deaths for the time being.

I ordered extra of each breed because I only want one female of each kind but they usually dont sex the bantams so I ordered at least 3 of each type. When all is said and done here is what my flock will look like

All Females:
1 One Barnevelder Bantam
1 White Crested Black Polish Bantam
1 Whte Frizzle cochin Bantam
1 Easter Egger Bantam
1 Quail Antwerp
1 silkie
1 silver sebright
1 golden sebright

the last three I am ordering eggs through Gabbard Farms (where I got my barnevelders)
If I decide to keep a rooster I think it would be one of the frizzles since it would be funny to see some of these others that I have but frizzled

Excited to see what you all think!

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