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  1. WinnDanceFarms

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    Sep 21, 2013
    these are my new chickens!! I used to have standard laying hens and bantams. Got rid of them all about 4 years ago due to some life changes. But I finally decided to get back into them again. Buut this time, I only really want bantams.

    on the bottom perch, is my Brahma, Grace
    Above Grace, from L to Right is Magenta, Riff Raff and Pandora, I am not sure what breed the are? Maybe OEGB?
    and at the very tip top is Piper.

    Here in this picture from L to R is Lavender, she is a silkie/cochin cross next to her is Snowflake, who is a silkie, next to Snowflake is Petunia who is a showgirl and then next to her is her mate Fiyero who is also a showgirl.
  2. Stiggy

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    Apr 29, 2014
    New Zealand
    They look lovely :) good luck with your new babies
  3. theoldchick

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    May 11, 2010
    Nice flock! Love the name Riff Raff!
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