my new chicks, 3 months old

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    Dec 7, 2012
    dear folks my young chickens, are having loose stool , and seeing some bloosd today, any ides?, been feeding them the starter grower feed , and some corn, theyv been walking in their feed bowl could it be a germ they picked up or perasite.?
    thanks for your help.[​IMG]
    sheila cheers
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    It could be coccidiosis:

    For coccidiosis I give Corid 9.6% liquid 9.5 ml per gallon of water, mixing a fresh batch daily. I give it for 5-7 days as the drinking water. If the bloody poo comes back I do another round.

    Don't administer vitamins at the same time as giving Corid (available in the cattle section of the feed store and online). There is also a Corid powder that can be used, but with a different dosage.

    (Sulmet kills only a couple of strains and Corid kills more strains of cocci is why I like it, and Corid is supposed to be easier on their systems.) But if Sulmet is all that is available to you, you might just use that instead.

    This is an emergency if in fact you think it is coccidiosis- it can kill within 24 hours and they have abdominal pain.
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  3. ChickensAreSweet

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    If you are located outside the USA, Corid might be known to you as Amprolium (same thing).

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