My new chicks have arrived! Pics added


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11 Years
Aug 29, 2008
Hogansville, Georgia
I am at work so I am unable to load any pics but I will do it tonight. I met Roosty and picked out 6 little fuzzybutts. Everyone in the family contributed a name, so the new addition (which are frizzle cochins) are as follows: Cleo (short for cleopatra..she is definitly top hen), Butterfly, Honey, Tippsy, Piggy and thanks to my son and him being so thrilled about mom getting chickens (not) he named his...Chicken! Roosty was wonderful and provided great info on all her chicks (she has alot of them!). Her flock is absolutly gorgeous. I would recommened her highly! They are wonderful and I must Thank everyone on BYC for all their wonderful input and info.
Tada Here they are! I also enclosed a pic of our coop. We used alot of recycledpicket fencing and wood to enclose it. I got the fencing for free on craigslist. The roof is our old privacy fence.

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