my new chicks


10 Years
Apr 6, 2009
kountze texas
my packing peanuts
my silkies
I wonder what kind it iss...Is that the "freebee" when you buy a bunch? Pretty sure that's how they get rid of their roosters. It sure is cute!
oh that's cute... I got a "free" black chick with a white bib and yellow on it's wing tips and belly.

...and the other "free" chick I got last year turned out to be a silver laced polish rooster. We found him a home with a beef farmer and his own flock of bared rock hens. Bet he's lovin it there.
thanks...she was suposed to be a red silky... I still think she maybe at least part... due to the number of toes(i thought she had only for but upon closer look she actually has 5... she looks like the other one just doesn't have the feathered legs/feet... i really don't care what it is... it will always have a home here... my packing peanut pics didn't show up... other members said they looked liked barred rocks... I will post pics of her /him with its almost twin tomorrow
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