My new coop


9 Years
Jun 4, 2010
Fort Payne, AL
Hey everyone, I'm new to BYC, and new to keeping chickens. This is a pic of the coop I built for the back yard. It is 6'x8' and has wheels so I can move it around the yard. I have 3 blue laced red wyandottes, 3 blue/splash cochins, and 3 barred rocks.

I love it! Do you have more pictures of it (closer up) and on the inside? We are going to build our housing for our girls over the next few weeks and want something "with character".
Thanks everyone. This is a closer picture. As you can see it is a collection of recycled and left overs --by design. I did have to buy the chicken wire and the roofing, but most everything else was repurposed and recycled. I'm already making plans for my next coop. It was painted for my 2 little girls-- 5 and 2 years. They are really excited about the little chicks.


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