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Apr 11, 2007
Southeast Missouri
I am currently working on an above ground (raised) duck pen that will sit adjacent to the chicken house. I had originally considered building an on-the-ground duck aviary with a pond. Unfortunately, my ducks are just too messy with water. If kept on the ground, my ducks will quickly turn the area around their waterer or small pond into a muddy mess. They will even put dirt and mud in their bills and then mix it in with their drinking water. This results in foul water in no time. As such, I finally decided on an above ground design for reasons of cleanliness and functionality. The duck pen is 4 feet wide by 8 feet long. The pen is 6 feet tall, and the floor of the pen sits 3 foot above the ground so that the ducks are at eye level. The pen also includes a 3ft by 4ft duck house for shelter and a 30 gallon plastic mortar tub that will function as a pond. The floor of the house will be lined with several inches of wood shavings for bedding and warmth. Feed will be offered in the covered duck house in a galvanized feeder, whereas drinking water will be kept outside the house. The plastic tub is sunk into the floor of the pen so that the lip of the tub sits flush with the floor. The tub has a drain at the bottom for ease of cleaning. Because the pen is above ground, no dirt ever comes into contact with water in the pen. This will help keep the water clean and thus offers a major advantage over the on-the-ground aviary design. The duck pen will house my white call ducks and (hopefully) a few black east indies. I’ll post updated photos during the construction process…








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Do you have a way to drain the mortar tub? My three call ducks have the same mortar tub and I have to clean it daily. They will poop in their bath/drinking water.
Great looking pen Scott! Love the pond too.
You'll need another one once all your bei eggs hatch!
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Yes, there is a sink drain attached to the bottom of the mortar tub. This will be attached to a hose for ease of draining and refilling. I don't know if it will mean much to them, but I will have a seperate container of drinking water that they cant get into other than to drink. Hopefully, this will stay relatively clean.
I know! I'm just now getting around to building this one. Might be next spring before I get another one built for the BEIs. By then, they should be laying eggs of their own if all works out as planned. Keep your fingers crossed! If so, I'll send you some since I would not have got them had it not been for your help. Thank you again...
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very nice, Scott! If you're wanting to keep their drinking water clean, then I suggest keeping their feed on the opposite side of where you keep the drinking water.
Thanks! I plan to keep their feed inside the house and keep the waterer on the outside. That way, any water they spill will just fall through the wire and not make a mess.

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