My New EE's - Pics


11 Years
Feb 4, 2008
Venice, Florida
I got these a few days ago, finally got the camera to CVS to get them on disk. I felt sorry for them where they were being kept, and wanted a couple EEs thanks to coming to this forum. The 2 older ones look to be 3 wks and the younger one a week. They are very active, skittish, but coming around.

These are pics of the older ones.

Smitty's Farm

12 Years
Aug 24, 2007
St Clair County, Il
Awwwww! They are so cute! I have 5 EE and love them very much. The cute little mutts are my favorite. You will just love them. I had one that was very skittish and she has turned out to be soooo sweet and calm now. Have fun with them. Thanks for sharing.


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12 Years
Nov 28, 2007
Oregon City, OR
EEs are mutts, yes, but attractive mutts! You get some bearded ladies, some with big cheek muff feathers, and with a mix of personalities. Mostly meek, sometimes bold.

I have a bearded EE lady, "Blackbeard". Her beard keeps growing more regal each month. She's starting to look like an Indian guru.
She has a bearded daughter (a 6 month pullet hatched & raised by a different hen) whose beard is growing weekly.

The EE father was killed by a predator, but he left his legacy. He didn't have any "facial hair"

The father did not have a beard or cheek plumage, but his daughter has a beard.

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