My new favorite... Cochin?


Jun 28, 2020
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Allow me to introduce Spazz! She's my new fave! My little lap chicken.

She was sold to me as a cochin, but I'm not finding cochin pics with the poofy "hair". Any thoughts?

They had silkies there, but a silky would have black legs and beak, right? I don't think they had polish at all. 20210807_123137.jpg 20210807_123134.jpg 20210807_123132.jpg 20210806_120936.jpg

The little splashes in the pics are also cochin... But much less afro.
Could be silkie/Cochin mix. Cochin/silkie mixes can be sex linked (skin/shank color) and can inherit yellow/white skin from the opposite sexed parent.😊
Well... Whatever she is, I sure hope she fits in well with my urban needs! We had to get rid of a few as they were too noisy. I picked cochin as they are docile and quiet.

She's such a sweet little girl!!

Worth a mention is that I've seen the breeder's setup. Their runs/coops are all separate and breed specific.

Also... You think the little splashes are the same? Or are they cochin?

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