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12 Years
Mar 5, 2007
Phoenix, AZ
Couldn't take all the talk of everyone getting new chicks and ducks anymore! I just happened to have a mostly empty 2.5 gallon tank in my room, so I went out yesterday and bought a second betta fish. They had so many beautiful ones and there was this really nice blue and white one. I should have bought him also, but I didn't
. I may go out and get another tank just so I can have him as well (If he's still there).

Presenting Linguine:





My original fish, Tsunami. His fins used to be longer, but I don't know what happened. He doesn't have fin rot, so I suspect he was biting them. Hasn't gotten worse, but they aren't growing back either.

now I really want a fish - I saw a few really nice ones yesterday and tried to talk DH into - just one more pet LOL but I came home without one - for now

those are very handsome fishy guys you have - I had one that would bite his own fins also - never knew why he was perfectly healthy - maybe he is giving himself a " hair " cut lol


if you decide to get the blue and white on as well, do not put him in the same tank as your red. they will tear each other to shreds and won't stop until one or the other is dead. male bettas are territorial to the extreme.
LOL, awww go and get the fish!

Petsmart has the crowntail bettas. That's what Linguine is supposed to be, but I tahink he is more of a hybrid. The other crowntails were very tiny though, so I have a feeling they may have been babies, but IDK.

My friend has one of those tiny tanks that's split in half and she has two bettas in it. It's a good thing I don't agree with keeping a betta in a small tank, otherwise I'd have ten billion of them!
Yeah, I do know that! LOL I have two now, but they are in separate tanks. They sure love flaring at each other though. I think finally they are getting used to each other now.

I was thinking of buy a large vase to put the blue and white one in, but I don't know if I'll have time to go today. I may just have to pass on the other fish, because I'm sure he will be gone by the time I go back. I guess I could always get a divider for the larger tank I have too. There's a big fish store down the road. Ah, maybe I will do that!
we kept betas, used to have one in every bedroom. they are great to have around. most died after a couple years, i dont know how long they normally live. we never kept males within sight of each other.
When I was doing aquatics at college they said that one of the reasons betas don't do so well in captivity is that they are from really mucky waters and people tend to keep their tanks a bit too clean!

Not sure what the truth behind that is but just thought I'd share

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