My New Girls (And the adventure leading up to them)

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    Hello everyone! I joined this site a couple weeks ago, and originally I had (what I thought was) two young pullets. They actually turned out to be roosters (thank you for helping me identify them!), so I gave them back to my friend and got three older hens instead. One was a bully and very loud so we sent her back as well. FINALLY I have my two adorable girls:) And that's where the story is now! They are so precious and still a little nervous, but get calm when they are picked up and I just all-around love them! Here are some pictures

    Holly is the brown/black one, Poppy is the black/white one.

    Both have adorable EE beards and feathered feet!

    A closer look at Holly's coloring (I'm in love with it!)
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    Welcome to BYC! Your girls are adorable - take lots of pix. they grow up fast, Sue
  3. Adorable! EEs dont have feathered feet though? They mixes?
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    Oh yes, they are whatever was in the barn at the right time!! ;) I got very lucky because I love feathered feet and beards on chickens:)

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