My New Goats


11 Years
Feb 4, 2008
Venice, Florida
I decided to get 3. A 5 yr old just freshened Saanen/Nubian cross who is an easy milker, well behaved on the stand, very sweet:


And then I'm getting 2 of these kids that were born in January. 2 Doelings, a white one and a tan one, she sent me these pictures taken yesterday morning.




I am taking the advice on just taking my does out for an afternoon of romance when they need to be bred. And on getting a doe who has been there, done that and who will be patient with a new milker.
If you people don't stop with the cute pics I'll have to sneak a couple of goats home and my husband will e maaaaaaaaaaaad! Don't you think a Capricorn-sign of the goat should have a few?
Banter, you could always say it was by the side of the road, (farms usually are). And don't ask why the people are selling her/him, so you can "honestly" say I just don't know why someone would get rid of something so cute.

No, I'm teasing you. But I have confidence in your persuasive abilities with your husband.

My mom bought a puppy for my dad as a Christmas present, right after Thanksgiving, and told him that it was a gift for his mother. (The last thing on earth his mother needed was a Jack Russel Terrier). He was thrilled when he found out the dog was actually his, loved that dog to pieces.

And as many health benefits of raw milk that there are, like that it helps with arthritis, and provides calcium in a way that your body can absorb and use it. Its very healthy. And with the FDA the way it is only pasteurized milk can be sold in stores, to my understanding. It is possible the only way to get raw milk is to own a goat or a cow.

That's why I got a goat that I could milk now. I know she's not the prettiest goat out there, but she's a great goat for a beginner who will be learning how to milk.

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