My New House!

Have fun fixing it up and making it the perfect little homestead. I love looking at places and imagining what to do with them
It will be a long slow process. Needs new windows, a new roof, the kitchen is gutted, the plaster needs patching and I have yet to venture upstairs. Currently waiting for the owner to get back from Arizona so we can start the process.
That's so exciting! I'm bad about imagining what a house could be, and what it is. Every property has promise! We saw some scary places when we were shopping. One was a big 5 bedroom with a wrap around porch and 3 acres for $60,000. Deal, right? No... needed everything, including a raccoon eviction.

But a price of $13,200... that's enough wiggle room to do about anything to it and still come out ahead. If we had the cash for a complete over haul, we'd start looking more seriously at some of these up-and-coming areas in town and do a full gut. Demo would be easy, we know plenty of stressed out people who could use some sledge hammer time. LOL

Not sure why we even looked at raccoon house... like we need some big giant thing to rehab... that's a lot of drywall. And flooring. And electrical line. Pipes. Roof. Windows. Exterior wood siding... needed scraped, repaired, and painted, or ripped off and replaced. 3 stories worth! We went to look at it because I had it all finished in my mind. The reality of what it was... didn't take long to set in.

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