My new little family members


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Aug 18, 2013

Look at this little cutie just hatched yesterday. 6 out of 13 have hatched so far.
looks like it was helped by a human and helped too early at that. Waterfowl take a long time to hatch, try and allow them that time to get the job done on their own. All of that blood in the photo is a sign that baby was not really ready yet.
Let us know if the baby made it because yes, that egg had some human help and as stated by Celtic it was too soon. There should never be that bloody. That is a sign that the embryo has not finished absorbing the yolk and the blood vessels have not went into the gosling.
It was already broken open but nothing happening so I broke a few bits off but then let it do the rest itself? Did I do it wrong
So far so good. It has survived, I haven't read that guide but I will. Thank you for pointing it out, and I won't touch the eggs anymore lol
Glad to hear the gosling made it... Sometimes if we help them too early it can kill the gosling. I know it is so hard for us to keep our finger's off because our motherly help comes out and it is so hard to not help them. But better to leave mother nature take her hand in it.
Congrats on the gosling......

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