My new meat chicks are here!

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  1. Just got my new batch in this morning! 10 Cornish X and 6 red broilers, plus, looks like some extra Cornish. I'm also getting some red packing peanuts from a nearby BYCer later today. She said they are the biggest in her shipment, so I wonder if they're also red broilers, since they also arrived this morning, making them the same hatch from Ideal.
    Anybody have experience with Ideal's Red Broiler's? Has anybody kept them and tried hatching chicks from them for a somewhat " sustainable breed, or crossing them on another heavy type? I've considered keeping a couple of the hens and getting a heavy rooster, especially now that I lost my ornery Egyptian rooster and crossing them on something, perhaps a dark Cornish rooster? Maybe I could find a giveaway rooster on my BYC forum. Seems like someone is always having to find homes for roosters, unfortunately.
    My OEGBs would probably not be the best choice of crosses.[​IMG]
    Chicks had a first meal of kefir, tofu, hard boiled egg and a little cornmeal, along with their vitamin and sugar water. They look very strong and healthy compared with my last two batches of shipped chicks from Mmcmurrays, so far.

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    Quote:I don't give extra special attention to the broilers that we sell (they just get special attention), but I do pamper ones that are going in our freezer. I too give mine kefir, but only every third day, and I mix raw goat milk in their feed on non kefir days. They always seem to do a little better than ones that don't get these items.

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