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Mar 22, 2018
Lower Burrell
I am a retired laboratory technician that recently downsized into a smaller home with my husband of forty-six years. With our three children now away with families of their own, we opted for a more simple life.
I’ve often thought of starting a small hobby farm so in the spring of 2017 I purchased 8 straight run Bantam chicks. The coup was all assembled and the garage all stocked up on everything I needed. From those 8 chicks there were only 2 hens. I gave my son our coop, one hen and one rooster that seemed rather attached. I kept a shy little white Bantam Silkie, bought a better coup and ordered 8 female Rhode Island White’s. They free roam and are supplemented with organic feed and scratch. These are gentle, healthy, winter hardy, productive, beautiful chickens. We love eating and sharing their eggs.
I am ordering a few more chicks this spring and haven’t decided on a breed as yet. I have no need for other hobbies as my 3 grandchildren, 3 dogs and cat, along with my flock keep this 67 year old gramma busy enough.
I look forward to reading posts, asking questions and learning from other members.


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Jul 31, 2015
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welcome-group.gif Welcome to Backyard Chickens!

It sounds like you have a very nice retirement!

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