My new rescue chicken- cant walk?

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    Jan 27, 2011
    I just brought home my new little girl I rescued from the shelter. She was brought in after being found unable to walk and a 2 cm wound on the top of her head and skull exposed. They were going to euthanize her but I wanted her so they stitched her head back up and have her to me.

    Someone said She may have Mareks but Im not so sure. It's almost like she just can't put weight on her legs. When I flip her on her back both legs move and kick out and she walks around on her hocks stumbling. Any ideas? We are thinking maybe she was grabbed by a big hawk or something then dropped since she was found in a park where there are no other chickens Ana's is as tame as can be.
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    Since she.had a.bad injury. I would treat her with vitamins and vitamin E gel caps dribbled on her food. She.could still be in shock also. Keep food and water near by and have her on soft bedding. Bless you for giving.her a chance.

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