My new rooster- Speckled Sussex


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12 Years
Jan 4, 2008
The Frozen Wasteland of Idaho
I took a drive today and traded a 50 pound bag of scratch for a pair of speckled sussex that are 11 months old. I have 4 speckled sussex hens already and wanted a rooster for them. He is a big boy! I had my pick of 9 roosters- they came from MMH last year, same as the birds I have already. I have them quarantined at the moment and am separating my SS hens tomorrow. They are both very tame and easily handled. The lady I got them from babied them. The taill feathers are a little ragged from being in a cage all winter. I am sure he will love his new digs once he is done with quarantine. Here are some pics:



Spear Gunnin' Coons
12 Years
Feb 17, 2007
Looks like a red roo who played in white paint. Very pretty bird. Nice heritage breed.
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