My New Silkie Babies : ) *photos*


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Mar 31, 2008
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I ran across an ad for black and white Silkie juveniles over the weekend, $1 each...of course I had to go look! I have been wanting black Silkies and I just love white ones. This is what I came home with on Sunday. They are nowhere near show quality chicks like the woman wants to believe, but that's ok with me. I just love Silkies and have no intention of showing them other than entering them for fun maybe in the county fair. She is trying to breed blue Silkies so was cleaning out her extra stock. I did my best to pick out what I thought would be pullets (a lot of them had really red, large combs already for 2-4 months!). I got one bearded and the other little white one has a single comb???? Is that common???

Here they are

Belle, Abby and Maisey


Belle, Wendy and Aurora

Maisey, Wendy and Abby
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