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Dec 4, 2007
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after expanding my flock the people who live next door are starting to get a little upset with the hens in the back garden so i decided to look for some land. This came in the form of a Small Holding of 1/8 acre in size that i am renting off the local goverment for £61 a year thats $123 here are a few photos. I intend on working on the site starting this weekend including building a new coop

I will keep you informed on my progress




Oh good for you and your chickens ! I'm sure they will be very happy ! How far away is your house from it ? Hopefully not too far , that would kinda be a bummer if you couldn't see them whenever you want .
That's gonna be nice!

I can't wait until we can get moved out to Arkansas...we'll have 33 acres to expand our "poultry madness"...Are we there, yet?

well its been a long weekend managed to get it cleared! found a shed at the bottom that had previously had chickens in it pic below


Site now fully cleared

My partner working hard

the old coop

Hey, with a little work, that shed will make a great chicken coop again. That looks like a nice little plot to work on.

Does your local government lease out these plots to be used for agricultural use, gardens, farm animals, etc., by local residents who dont have enough room in their yards?
Some communities here have gardens where people can have a small plot to grow veggies, etc.

Wow! Congrats on your acquisition. Some people might look at it as a mess, but I see a very promising endeavor! You have a great opportunity ahead! Best wishes for it.
Just thought i would do a little update i ordered aload of fence posts and pig wire (cheaper than chicken wire)


so we started putting the fence up but go snowed off



This is where the gate is going to be big enough to get wheelbarrow through
something i learnt from my other run


PS i rescued 45 battery hens last weekend it was awful but hopefully they are going to love the new run

Congratulations! I think it's so important to maintain our agricultural skills especially in an urban environment. My maternal grandfather had a small holding similar to yours in Dundee in the 1960's and he maintained a city garden and had 3 hens in a little potting shed with one side totally made of reclaimed windows. You brought back some nice memories- thanks!

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