My next door neighbor is a fruitcake

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by silly4buttons, Nov 4, 2015.

  1. silly4buttons

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    Jul 5, 2013
    Billerica Ma
    Sorry I need to rant! The people that live next door to me used to have chickens but gave them up. Today he comes over and tell me he has a problem and is looking at my chickens and ducks. I am like great. He went on letting me know that when its get warm out he gets 5 or 7 flies on his back screen door and he tells me that the flies are trying to come in the house and it's becouse of my chickens and ducks. He goes on to say that he see me clean up after them and he did put up fly bag near his back door. My run is about 800ish feet from his back door. I don't have any flies. In talking to him moreabout this he lets me know that there are no bad smells coming from my place. I know he gave his chickens that they loved becouse his daughter and husband and 2 small kids move in a year ago. His cute little granddaughter wants to come over to see the ducks but her mom won't let her. They sometimes will sneak her over for a few minutes or hold them up to see over the fence. I feel kinda sorry for them over the summer they bought a camper to hang in and have alone time becouse his daughter took over there house.
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    lol Flys are trying to get into his house because it is turning colder and they are trying to find shelter. sounds like his real problem is his daughter and he came over to soothe her more then anything else. I would feel slightly bad for the unfortunate fellow and ignore.
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    If this guy's daughter is a germaphobe, there probably isn't anything that you or he can do to placate her. Flies happen everywhere, not just where there is livestock. We get occasional flies in our house, sure, but believe it or not, I had more trouble with flies in the house before I had chickens, ducks, goats, and horses here. Heck, way, way back when I was in college, I spent a couple of summers as a camp counselor. We didn't have animals in the campsites; we didn't have garbage cans or anything else that you'd think would attract them, we didn't even have houses, we had tents, but we still had flies. For some reason, flies are attracted to areas with strong contrasts between light and dark; and of course, a door or window meets that description.

    But hey, if the daughter has such a problem with livestock and flies, maybe she'll MOVE OUT. Seriously, it takes some nerve to think that you can tell your neighbor to get rid of their animals because you have a few flies. [​IMG]

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    Sep 25, 2015
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    This is so simple, it's silly.
    Buy him one of these!

    He'll love having a fly problem!!!!!
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  5. MeepBeep

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    Tell him it's a known fact that chickens eat flies and are thus reducing the local population :)

    And tell him to remove the fly bag by his backdoor as the attractant in it, is well, attracting them to that location...

    Also tell him to do some research on different flies and their habits and breeding cycles, seasonal flies and even cycles are perfectly normal and unavoidable...
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  6. silly4buttons

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    Those salt gun are cute lol. Thank you for your post it make me feel a lot better. When they open there pool this summer they put up extra piece of white lace fencing on top of the 6 foot fence only near the pool becouse the ducks I was told they would fly over and go swimming. Well they never did. My neighbor ask me if my ducks are going to fly south for the winter. Are you freaking kidding me! :smack. Iam not joking.
  7. drumstick diva

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    If he has flies on his door and you don't - gee maybe some smells at HIS house are attracting them. And yes, the fly traps will attract them. I once set out wasp traps and got more than we ever had flying around before hand. I've heard it's the same with rodent bait stations. It brings in critters that were no where near you beforehand.

    I have noticed flies in the house will zoom in on a screen door- because they really want light and outside. I just wait awhile and pop them off with the fly swatter. They will also go toward light. If I shut lights out except in one small room, they will go there - to their doom.

    He is something different. Throw him off balance by telling him all his leaves(or whatever) end up in your yard and not his - how come? I do feel sorry for him, sounds like his daughter can't wait for his home or inheritance. Hope he doesn't leave her any.
  8. appps

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    Aug 29, 2012
    I'd just say imagine how many would be on your back door if my chicken coop wasn't keeping them over here lol
  9. N F C

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    Dec 12, 2013
    When I saw the title to your post, my first thought was "Yay, it's almost fruitcake season" because I'm one of those strange people that likes fruitcake. But then I read your post and decided people like your neighbor give fruitcake a bad rap.

    Good grief. Tell him you'll quit sending your flies to his house when he takes his ants back.
  10. silly4buttons

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    Jul 5, 2013
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    lol you people are too funny. I wish I thought of this stuff. I was little freak out. he new whats was going on a year ago with the women across the street having a fit because I put a chicken coop in the yard. I live on a very busy street is right off the highway and its very noisy. she call the police, board of health animal control and my landlord all because I let them have a little free time in the yard and I was with them the whole time to make sure they didn't get hurt so now they are in the run 24/7. I had my friend mike make there run bigger so they would more space. this women came over with her grandson one day because she couldn't count my chickens from across the street so I put a wind screen on one side of the run so she didnt have to look at them and one day I saw her next to my mail box with a plastic bag picking up the trash that people throw out their car windows lol just to see what I was doing really because I lived here for 10 years and she has never has come to chat with me or even said hi yes I have very crazy people around me there are good people here to who help me out when I needed it and I will turn the favor anytime.

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