designated lawn flamingo
9 Years
May 27, 2010
Reno, Nevada
yes, ive posted it on here many times, my phone pics are so bad that no one can make up their minds! she gotten 50-50 answers every time i post her...apparently she is a unisex (ha-ha.).

well here we are now again. i took her into the backyard for the first time. she made some strange noises...they were weird but KIND OF sounded like "bok bok"s but could have been any other strange noise.

im just soooo worried because she is the most mellow and is my most favorite...

anywhooo, im hoping for pullet, but i have noticed that she now has three black feathers. one on each side of her end wing and one on her tail.....her comb is pink on the base, but the top is still yellow. she is five weeks old.

here are some pics of her at three weeks. shes an enigma!

keep in mind these are cell phone pics!
and here's one i took just now, five weeks old...i know, crummy pics, you cant even see the pink in "her" comb...its seems so pink to me! but so yellow to cell phones...i think my biggest thing is that she stands up so tall and proud. does anyone elses hens stand like a roo this early? but yess, please remember that her comb has visibe red and her waddles are COMPLETELY red....but shes my fave, please be pullet! theres a chicken swap next week and i dont wanna make a mistake!



10 Years
May 26, 2009
Looks like a girl to me. Keep tryin to get better pics with some showing the wattles, and maybe her saddle feathers (those are kinda on her back going down the sides)


12 Years
Jan 14, 2008
At 3 weeks a bird is still in it's juvenile plumage & will not show pointed saddle feathers. That much comb development in a Red at 3 weeks suggests to me that it's a cockerel.

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