My nine month hen died yesterday

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    Jan 12, 2016
    Yesterday afternoon I went to check the laying box for eggs and I found my nine month Rhode Island Red in the box dead. She seemed perfectly healthy the days before, eating and drinking normally. I feed her oyster grit freely, she gets lettuces, veggies, sunflower seeds, a little fruit scraps, and has access to layer crumble all day. I thought I was doing everything right for my four gals, and now I have three. I am devastated. What could have happened to her that she died in her laying box? Egg bound, perhaps? Her diet was perfect, I thought. She is not fat, doesn't get meat scraps ( maybe 2x a month at most) . The four girls have been good layers, but slowing down a bit with the cooler temps and shorter days of light here in the Phoenix area. I didn't see any signs of distress. What could kill a perfectly healthy chicken so young? Now I'm even questioning whether I should feed them lettuces and veggies every day. Is just the layer crumble sufficient? I hope I didn't kill her with my kindness :(
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    Welcome to BYC. We have all suddenly lost a chicken, if we have kept them for years. Many of those deaths may occur between 6-12 months when the hen is coming into lay regularly. Unless we get a necropsy available through most state vets, or do one ourselves at home, we may not know the cause, especially when there have been no obvious symptoms. Egg binding, heart failure, kidney disease, or other problems may be possible causes. A good brand of layer feed plus grit and crushed oyster shell is all they need, but it can be nice to let them have some other things, as long as they are not harmful or more than 10% of their diet. I'm sorry for your loss.

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