My Ninja/Sea chickens have EYP??!!


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Nov 19, 2018
I have been raising chickens for 9 years. I currently have 9 “ninja/Sea” chickens (I usually keep 12, but lost 3 earlier this year from old age). I’m a huge Seattle Seahawks football fan,(Hense the Sea-Chickens) annnnnd, our chickens seem to escape (like little ninjas) any type of fencing- so much so that after 3 years of building and rebuilding coops and runs- we gave up and they now occupy more than half of our yard... nevertheless, they are extremely happy and spoiled!!

Unfortunately, a little over a week ago I noticed one of my 8 year old Rhode Island Reds “nugget” was waddling. I have had other egg bound hens who did that and I assumed she was too. I brought her inside for a couple days, gave her warm soaking bathes, epsom salt bathes, a lubricant injection ( all things that successfully helped my other hens in the past)- but had no change, she actually seemed sad indoors. I don’t think she is egg bound - but perhaps has egg yolk Peritonitis??

Not sure what to do... I don’t have experience with this and have never had a hen with it. She is eating and drinking normally but has a swollen abdomen, is barely waddling anywhere. She doesn’t roost (probably due to her movement restrictions). But seems to want to be with her flock...

I don’t want her suffering a long slow painful death, but don’t want to euthanize her if she’s treatable-

Our chickens are pets and I am very attached to them. Has anyone had luck treating this? Or any suggestions??? Everything I’m reading says there is basically no chance of survival and recommend euthanasia. How long do chickens typically live with this condition?



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Feb 5, 2018
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Oh, I'm so sorry that's happening to your poor hen. Please repost your problem here:

Many knowledgable people frequent that forum and someone may be able to help you sooner. Good luck!

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