My nutty Golden Campine

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    Apr 2, 2011
    N. Ga mountains
    Well, I finally found where my GC has been hiding her eggs - not setting mind you, just drop-and-run. I thought she had stopped for the winter, but then one day I saw her come out of a briar patch and start singing. I looked around but couldn't find any. So the other day I started looking again...and found 19 eggs in a pile in some grass outside my husband's shop.[​IMG] The nest was pretty deep, which is why I never noticed them before. But with 19 eggs, it was pretty easy to see this time. What a looney-toon!! I cracked one, smelled fine, water-tested the others (they all passed) then boiled them up. Soooo tasty. She laid her last one in the nest box but I'll continue to check the grass nest. I wish I'd gotten a picture. My Popcorn does make me laugh.
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    LOL- they sure can be sneaky! And clever too. Now that she knows you are on to her hiding place, she will find a new, better place LOL
    I had one I followed around for days trying to find where she was laying-I literally followed her around, and she got by me . I finally found her- depositing her egg on a pile of 12 others in the back corner of a neighbors broken down shed.

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