My old girl has a bad opened sore on her backside

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    Hello- I came home from vacation to discover my oldest chicken, Daisey about 7 years has an open sore on her backside ( by her bottom). I will begin to keep her inside and treat her sore with the hopes that it heals. Magots have gotten to it, which I have done my best to clean out and will continue to do so. They are so disgusting... My poor girl. I am hoping someone might have an idea of what would cause this. I was wondering if it a pressure point from being old and sitting too long? A tumor rupturing? Anyone else have this ever happen to their chickens?
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    It sounds like she has Flystrike. Which is where flies lay eggs on the skin. The eggs then hatch and start to feed/cause damage.
    You did well bringing her in, you may need to bathe/flush the wound for a couple of days to make sure you get all the maggots out.
    Give her a good soak in an epsom salt bath and flush the wound good.
    Depending on the size of the wound, you can apply some antibiotic ointment like plain neosporin, for a large area Vetericyn spray may be better. You may need to repeat, soaking and apply ointment for several days.
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