My one, rooster disliking neighbor.


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Jun 2, 2020
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people purchasing a home and expecting their neighbors to abide by community rules is far from annoying.
I somewhat disagree. Assuming other codes (setbacks and such) are being followed, an additional half acre would make no difference. This appears to be another case of "I want a more country life without hearing the country".


Oct 23, 2021
I somewhat disagree. Assuming other codes (setbacks and such) are being followed, an additional half acre would make no difference. This appears to be another case of "I want a more country life without hearing the country".
maybe so, but the OP doesn’t really have a leg to stand on because she’s squarely in the wrong.

if she was in the right, and had enough land, my advice would’ve been to tell the neighbor to kick rocks. but it’s tough to call the shots when you’re breaking the rules.

also, we don’t know if the OP is in the country. 1/2-1 acre is pretty common in suburban areas.

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Nov 17, 2016
you won’t win this one because you’re in the wrong. it doesn’t matter how stupid the rule is or whether or not you agree with it. those are the rules for where you live and you’re in violation of them.

digging in and telling your neighbor that you “cannot and will not get rid of your rooster” is only making things worse

just because you had friendly neighbors previously doesn’t mean you were right to have a rooster then, either.
Ya i'm gonna have to completely agree with the Dick on this one.


Oct 27, 2021
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Good luck on dealing with this. Having a neighbor complain about my roos is a concern of mine as a house is getting built next door now. Used to be an empty lot with a dilapidated building. Why they built right next to the property line out of the entire acre is beyond me. My area is rural but not "closest neighbor is 2 miles down the road" level. Roosters in every direction and horses across the street. On top of multiple Butterball farms. So I hope my neighbors accept the area they choose to live in. I am building a coop further away from the property line though, towards the back. But the main one is staying put for now. Its posts are 16in deep and at least 15ft from the line.

Sorry sorta rambling about my own possible future situation

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Sep 10, 2017
Thank you all for the advice and stories.

Yes, I realize that digging in might not be in my best interest. Never once has she asked me to get rid of him. I mentioned the “i cannot and won’t get rid of him” to give her my position on how much he means to me. I want to be a good neighbor, but I also want to enjoy my chickens. I realize that the property is smaller and he’s going to be heard no matter what. Her initial posed issue with the sound is that she doesn’t want it as close to her home.

I live in a small, rural community in the mountains of Southern California. There are 50 or so homes in this small community. Real tight knit. Everyone is really cool. People kind of operate however they've wanted. My neighbor had peacocks for years (until the mountain lions got them, & illegal), pigs (also illegal), dogs (unregistered with county), roosters (there were several in our community, now I’m the last one). The neighbor herself is currently in a similar situation. She has two large dogs who break out of her yard almost every day. Every one of my neighbors have all played their part in catching the dogs and calling them to come get them, including myself on several occasions. There have been several complaints about how they cannot contain or control their pets. When I initially had the discussion with my neighbors on the opposite side her to inquire their opinion about the crowing, there were no issues. If I do build a Batchelor coop on the opposite side, I know that my two neighbors have zero problems with him. One of these neighbors is actually the lady who was pissed off that I culled poor Buffy Brahma 😂 “How could you?”, she said.

I’m going to have a more in depth discussion with her about whether or not we can compromise. I will explain that she’ll still hear him, just more in the distance. Get a more clear understanding of what she wants here…

I appreciate the Batchelor coop feedback. Anyone with anymore Batchelor coop stories as it pertains to temperament , please share!
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