my other babies

svaha storm

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Feb 10, 2009
These are live corals and marine fish I raise ,they have actually started paying for themselves the last few months ,the aquarium has been set-up since march last year and has done really well

new coral (a candy cane, dont know why it doesnt look like a candy cane)

a mated pair of bangai cardinals

this is my first marine fish (Lemmy the Lawnmower Blennie and major mooch) also my first coral ( and biggest money maker,a red Ricordia) together

These are my breeding pair of tomato clownfish (Cherry and Roma) hosting with their favorite corals, Cat eye Palythoas

and finally the main display tank

well hope yall enjoyed the pics

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Jan 9, 2009
south Florida, Pompano Beach
very nice. salt water tanks are a lot of work. I have a 55gal. but not much in it at the moment. I used to have seahorses, loved them. I may get some again. Enjoy it, so relaxing too to watch.

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