My outdoor chicks disappeared.


8 Years
Jan 30, 2011
Tulsa, Ok
So yesterday we had to have a social worker come over for post placement assessment for our adoption from Russia. Well my daughter was showing her the chickens. We have 5 six week old chicks in a sectioned off part of the coop. You can open the nest box and see them all cuddling with each other normally.

Well we opened the nest box on one side and could not see them. Then we looked on the other side and nothing. They were gone! We could here cheaping. Then I looked up on the perch (at lease 18 inch off the ground) and there were 5 little chicks acting like big chickens cuddling together on the roost!
OMG! I would have freaked.
I'm glad you found them and that they're okay! That's pretty cute though!
I was panicking. I was thinking the dogs figured how to unlock and then lock back the coop lol. Or that one of the kids got them out. I could not figure it out. Then I heard the cheaping! What a relief!

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