My peacock swallowed a thick rubberband, will he be able to pass it?

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    Mar 30, 2011
    Hi everyone, long time,
    First issue with my one year old peacock. He eats stuff all the time, plant soil, pieces of paper or string that he steals.
    But today I saw him grab a rubberband that fell on the floor. It is the kind that holds bunches of asparagus or dandelion together in a grocery store, 3" long and 0.25 " wide. I ran after him, and cornered him fast and as I was grabbing his neck, in a second he gobbled it down.

    Please tell me that their gastric juices are strong enough to eat this up. I have never seen any objects he swallowed in his poop, but he has not been sick as of now.
    Should I be worried the band will tangle his intestines?
    Any experience with this or recommendation?

    Thank you.

  2. Can you catch the bird to see if it has passed out of his crop? I think it would be better to swallow something soft and rubbery than something that could puncture the lining along the digestive tract. Keep a close eye on him and if you can watch for it in his poop. I think he will be fine after 24-36 hours have passed & nothing seems to be noticibly wrong with him. Watch to see that he is eating and drinking well. If he seems to get sick, I would start looking for a solution, ie, online searches for the ingestion of foreign bodies, & what to do. If it stays in his crop there is the possiblity of infection setting in, or of blockage. I dont know how acidic avian gastric juice is, but would feel better if I knew is went on down, passed the crop.
    Would like to see what others say. Anybody, with ideas?
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