My peafowl are all family YIKES!

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    Mar 24, 2017
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    I am entering my 2nd season as a Peafowl owner and I am not very knowledgeable. I got a mated pair with a young son because someone was moving and couldn't take them. Mom and Daddy had 2 babies during the last breeding season. Brother is now 2 and ready to mate, I have Dad and Mom and 2 sisters (I think).....Dad and brother started fighting today....I have googled and read and can not find much info in this area. I thought about advertising and the local feed shop but realized I am not even comfortable (or knowledgeable) in how to even catch them, transport them, etc. I need advice as I do not want a bunch of in breeding, fighting, etc. can two cocks live together? How can I catch the boys and girls? How would I transfer the boys and their beautiful tails? They roam free on our property but do go into their house in the heat of the day. I have thought of trying to get some other hens but...will I be taken over by peafowl? Can two boys live on the same property? Help!!! I want to be a good owner!

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    "can two cocks live together?" free ranging ... no problem at all !
    To catch them ... why ? they don't like at all !to catch peacock it's only possible in an aviary.
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    Two cocks can live together. I'm no expert but have had a few peafowl and actually only one hen and always at least 3 males for 5 or so years. I started with the hen and mate and 2 young peafowl that I assume were her "teenage" chicks that ended up being males which were transported in a large dog cage covered with blankets but if you're worried about their tails you could wait til they shed and are shorter. Long story shortened I now have 2 males I think a 4 and 3 and then last year chick that's a male all living together with the one hen who is their mother. I don't know if she'll lay this year or not lost her mate last year before chick hatched. I do have about 32 chickens and maybe they entertain the peacocks keeping them civil to each other. Also as far as catching i use my chicken coop but have had success baiting them into a wire dog crate with feed or they love love bread.
  4. [​IMG]

    These guys don't have any hens and get along fine. I was at a large breeders place and he had over forty mature cocks in a barn with no fighting. The trick is to not have any hens with them.


    These last two share a harem of nine hens in a large run and have not started fighting yet. They are brothers and have been together all their lives so that may help.

    I have run father and son in breeding pens as well and hadn't noticed any problems but it can and does happen. One cock will interfere with the one breeding and if you think it is happening then it is best to move one out. I only have the one pen with two cocks, the other ten breeding pens have only one each.
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    Great advice. Thank you. And great pics of all your beautiful Peas [​IMG] Any info on them all being related ? I was only asking about catching them to sell/give away if they are not getting along. I love the boys roaming the property. The Dad has booted the son out of their pen (he is now sleeping on the roof) ugh!! Is calling at 4 am [​IMG] I just saw the "sister" raise "her" tail and shake her booty! [​IMG] Looks like I have another boy..... I am concerned about in breeding?.?.?.?.

  6. The only 'inbreeding' that you need to avoid is brother sister over consecutive generations. It is ok now and again just as it happens in nature, just not to be continually repeated with the same stock.
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    I have witnessed my female shake her tail feathers as well. Had to do a double take as I thought it might be the young male that still looks a lot like her but it was definitely her. So maybe it's a female still? I try to look for the brown feathers under wing when at rest on the birds side. If that makes sense.
  8. If you are having trouble sexing your birds post closeup pics of them from the side top and front and we will help you.

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