My Pean Hen of 6 yrs. this morning is not well...

D'Angelo N Va.

10 Years
Dec 28, 2009
I have had my white Peahen for about 6/7 yrs. now and she has always been fine, healthy and very active...this a.m. I went out to feed her and her eyes are swollen shut...what happened? any adivce is greatly appreciated..Thanks in advance!
Sounds like you may have a respiratory problem going on... If you do a search under sinusitis you may find pictures to compare to. Tylan works for that, but I think it's usually just one eye swollen... Any chance she got stung by a bee or something?
If you can catch her and calm her, try using a warm wet paper towel and hold it against the eye and it should losen the crusty stuff. I used Tylan powder cause it was all I could find in my area when my bird had the respiratory infection or you can try fish amoxicillin (fishmox) 250mg caps - 3 caps per gallon of water
Thanks so much guys...yes, she is wheezing some also. I will go to the feed store today on break and see if they carry Tylan. I can't Thank you all enough.
Thanks so much guys...yes, she is wheezing some also. I will go to the feed store today on break and see if they carry Tylan. I can't Thank you all enough.
I used 1/2 tablespoon per gallon of water. If you cannot find it let me know and I will send you some in the mail. Just let me know ASAP. You can also use Tylan 200 1 cc for 4 days according to Steve (Choctaw Valley Farm) but do not know where you inject it?
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The injectible works much better than the powder in my opinion. You can inject into the skin at the back of the neck or directly into the breast alternating sides each dose. The injectible can also be given orally, but you need to be careful when squirting it into the mouth that they do not asperate any into their lungs.
Just a comment on the injecting of Tylan 200 into the breast area. This material will make a somewhat damaged area at the injection site. This will stay as a stain or (some damaged material in the breast muscle ) for a long time.. I dont know just how much damaged is done for sure.. I would suggest that Tylan 200 be injected under the skin on the neck or on the back of the bird.. If you have followed Mrs. Smith ordeal with her friends sick birds you will note that she mentioned the dark areas in the peahens breast area (as the vet. noted ) from giving shots to them . George connerhills
Ok, I cleaned her face off good with a warm/hot rag and mixed up some ivermectin in water and gave it to her...she seems to be some what better in that one eye is open. She is still slow and wheezing and has some mucus. I went to the Southern States Feed Store and the manager did not know what I was talking about (Tylan) he called someone and they told him to tell me to isolate the bird immediately because it will spread to the rest of the flock and it usually leads to this true?
The ivermectin will treat worms & parasites but will not help with the swollen eye,, I suggest you use an antibiotic such as tylan 200 or Baytril. Tylan can be purchased at most good farm type stores or ordered from a supply store like Cutler supply or Smiths or Jeffers. The Baytril will have to come from a vet. If not treated soon it will develop into a hard mass under the eyes.. The worst thing is they can not see and will starve as this will stay for a very long time unless it is cut out. This is not always fatal if you keep after it and attend to it often with an antibiotic. But need to be treated quickly ,,,,,,,,, connerhills

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