My Pekins are Laying! Should I move her egg?


11 Years
Feb 26, 2008
Some of you have followed my story about the pekin hen I got from Craiglist. She has been with her mate for a week tommorow. She had been laying an egg every other day, or so when she was by herself. After putting him in with her she stopped laying. When I went out to feed them this morning she had laid an egg in the corner. Its not under any shelter, or even in a real nest. I don't know why she didn't lay in the area I had made, unless the drake was sleeping there. I have noticed he tends to take her spot. Should I put some nesting material (hay, or straw) under it and a shelter over it? I had someone tell me that her nest needed to be elevated to stay dry. Is this true?



12 Years
Mar 28, 2007
i dont know much about ducks if anything.but i do know this it sounds like she has choosen her nesting i would not move or bother her egg.because if you do itll prolly upset the 1st few eggs she lays prolly wont be fertile.


12 Years
Sep 23, 2007
SE Texas
My pekins tended to lay anywhere they wanted....Elevated is GOOD...not high obviously so she can get to it, but if it's just ground level your eggs will get muddy/nasty and you don't want that. You *could* try putting the egg where you want her to lay, or just make where she laid it more comfy...whatever you choose. But, probably leave the egg out *somewhere* so she knows where to lay & establish a routine after a couple days. As stated, I'd wait until atleast a weeks worth of eggs before even testing fertility. I'm not sure where you're at, but once my girls started laying, it became an everydayer

Good luck

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