My Pet Chicken is hiring again


12 Years
Apr 2, 2007
My Pet Chicken ( ) is hiring again! The last time we posted our job description on BYC, we had a tremendous response and were able to hire four of you. Our business continues to grow immensely, and to better serve customers (many of you among them), we have to keep on hiring. We're excited to say we're now accepting applications for two more open positions!

Below is the job description. It is similar to the one we posted last year, but there have been a few changes. If you yourself would be interested or you know of someone who would, please do let us know. Applications (resume and cover letter) can be sent to [email protected] with "Customer Service Position" in the subject line. We are looking to hire immediately.

Our goal at My Pet Chicken is to connect people with chickens. We specialize in the needs of backyard chicken owners and sell chicken coops; supplies like waterers, feeders and DE; and gifts for chicken lovers like books, artwork, tin signs, dishes, etc. Our primary offering, however, are small orders of baby chicks and sexed bantams. We offer lots of helpful, free information and resources for raising pet chickens on our website.

THE JOB, up to 40 hours per week, is to field phone calls to our 800 number, answer questions, place orders for clients, answer emails and make sure orders are fulfilled. Yes, you can do this from home!

WE'RE LOOKING FOR SOMEONE WHO IS a fast learner, articulate, detail-oriented, honest, has very good web/internet skills, and has a professional & courteous phone manner. And you’ve really got to be a good writer and speller, since this is difficult to teach. Only candidates who currently keep chickens or have kept them in the past will be considered. (We want someone who really knows chickens!)

Understand too that we are demanding of our staff. My Pet Chicken can only deliver the best customer service if we are meticulous about follow-through, note-keeping, etc. You need to be a "details person" to survive here, and you need to have thick skin - we demand the best!

REQUIREMENTS are that you have a good, fast computer with a DSL or Cable connection, and a quiet place to work from: no dogs barking in the background or children yelling. (Roosters crowing, on the other hand, are perfectly acceptable)

WE WILL TRAIN YOU and teach you what you need to know to carry out this job. It is fairly straightforward, and you’ll be able to do it in your sleep once you get the hang of it.

COMPENSATION will be $8 per hour to start. Over time there will be the opportunity to take on more responsibility and earn more. We are accepting both part time and full time applicants.

IF YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHO MIGHT BE INTERESTED, please have them send their resume and cover letter to [email protected] with “Customer Service Position” in the subject line. We are looking to hire immediately.

Thanks so much!
I wish I had high speed internet. I am on wireless just outside of town, so it isnt very dependable. I have good people skills and such, but I still live at home and have a sister that screams. Also, my current job pays $10 an hour, and min wage in WA is close to $9. If only I had my own home with high speed internet. Maybe next time you have a job opening I can fill it.
I would really consider this...except I have 3 kids, and when the phone rings, I usually run to the bathroom because that's the only quiet place in my house....and that doesn't always work, because they follow me
Maybe when you are hiring again I can set up a resume. I am a very fast typer. I have great people skills as my mom says and said I should work as a telemarketer or a operator for some big name companies
So glad to see MyPetChicken is hiring and is also posting on BYC! We've at least tripled the number of members on the forum since the last time they posted, so they may get overwhelmed with responses!

BTW, a quick plug for MyPetChicken as a BYC Forum Sponsor! I just sent them an email asking if they were interested in renewing their forum sponsorship. Hopefully we'll continue a super long term relationship and they can continue to grow with us.

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