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    On my facebook page, I am linked to My Pet Chicken. They just posted a 40 hr/week job - do from home - answering phones for customer service. It says $8 per hour to start. Send a resume to: [email protected] with "Customer Service Position" in the subject line. If you can go to it on Facebook - they list the job requirements...

    If I didn't have a great job already, I would apply for it!


  2. This would be SO awesome... since we're homeschooling I cannot take a job outside the home... I consider it worth it, but still those extra funds even from the PT job I had were very nice.

    But I'm disqualified exactly because I homeschool... noisy kiddos in the background, not to mention my three dogs, would NOT be remotely professional and even with the door locked you can still hear while in the study. Understand that, but it really is a shame because I've done call center before, as well as office work, and I'm OCD about records hence LOVING Excel... *shrug*

    Best of luck to the lucky one who gets this position, sounds divine!
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    awww nuts! That would be taking a massive pay cut, but you know, its almost worth it
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    Quote:Where is it on facebook? Any links?
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    Quote:[​IMG] I dont know how to send them a resume though.. (not looking too good!) [​IMG]
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    I saw this! If I wasn't taking 11 classes this semster I would have grabbed it in a heartbeat!

  7. Quote:Create a email....

    Addressed to [email protected]

    Subject: Customer Service Position

    In the Text area you might mention that your resume is attached.... and anything else you want to say.

    Then attach the file (Word document perhaps?) to the email.

    Double check for spelling errors and such, then hit send

    For those who haven't done that before: There's usually an Attachment button somewhere on the screen, click it and then scroll through your computer's files until you find where you stuck your typed resume file... click it and hit attach. Might take a second but eventually there should be a doodad added to your email in progress that shows your file... resume.doc for instance.

    If you're unsure if you did it right or not then address the email to yourself, attach and send it... when it arrives open it, and try to open the attachment. If it works then you'll know and if not then you'll have to try again. Either way you won't have to worry that you botched sending a resume to a job that requires computer skills. [​IMG]
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    Yeah..but i dont know WHERE to even get a resume from to send it to them...
    I'll have to google it and see what pops up i guess.
  9. If you have Microsoft Word?? I think (think, not know) that if you hit New Document then you have a choice... Blank or Template, etc. If you choose the templates there is (again I think) at least one resume form you can pick. You just fill in the blanks and then Save As... then attach as above.

    But that's based on memories of DH doing his a few years back... seems like that's what he did but... ?

    Googling resume template prolly work too, or resume format.

    Click to open Resume Template... just did it and it's perfect. VERY basic, true, fill in the blanks... but it works on word pad so just about anyone should be able to use it, no Microsoft Office required, just Windows.

    Go there, click the link, fill in your info, and hit Save As and make it ResumeJan2011 or some such... perhaps in the file of My Documents so it's easy to find... then once you've got it saved you can attach and send it off. [​IMG]
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