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    Nov 28, 2016
    I bought some six week old chicks (6 of them) a month ago from my pet chicken. Over $200.oo including shipping. So far two of them have died., no marks, no injuries, no sign of illness, nothing, just dead! I have 6 other chickens I bought locally from Rural King as baby chicks six months ago and never have had an issue.
    The two dead birds never showed a sign of illness. MPC will not replace them. Save yourself a lot of money, buy local at least that way if you ever have one die you will only be out 2 or 3 dollars, not $40 or $50 from my Pet Chicken and their SICK BIRDS !!!!

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    Which hatchery did they come from? My Pet Chicken is just a middle man.
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    Hi, welcome to BYC! [​IMG]

    Sorry for your loss. [​IMG] I didn't know they shipped older chicks than 1 day.

    When I dealt with MPC, they did refund my losses that were within the time frame stated in their policy. A large part of my loss was due to USPS delivering late.

    I have lost a lot of shipped chicks within the first few days, even from breeders. They have a much harder time surviving. Although the feed stores get their chicks shipped, they usually absorb the loss before the customer ever see them. And the chicks are up running around ready to go by the time you buy them. I have never lost a chick bought local either.

    So your surviving chicks are 10 weeks old?
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    I don't get it. You said the dead birds never showed a sign of illness but you also said MPC has sick birds. Which is it?

    You have had 6 chickens for a month and now you are blaming the place you got them from for their deaths?

    They obviously contracted something since you've had them.

    All hatcheries will only guarantee birds to arrive alive and perhaps survive for 24 to as much as 48 hours. There isn't a place on earth that sells poultry and will replace any that die a month later. They wouldn't be in business very long if they took responsibility for something that is completely out of their control. They can't control how the birds are cared for or what they may contract weeks later.
    That's on you.

    The price you paid is what you agreed to for 6 week old birds.
    To get a replacement, you have to notify them of losses within 48 hours of arrival - not a month later.
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