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First, I hope I am posting on the right one, since this is moved? From my understanding, My Pet Chicken is not a hatchery...kind of a middle man between the consumer and the actual hatcheries. Anyway, I got my babies from them. Excellent customer service, beautiful, healthy chicks. My Dominique is actually a Barred Rock (but she is as close to perfect as a chicken gets in my opinion
)and I got two roos (which can happen). One chick died but the box was lost by the post office and they were in shipping for 3 whole days so that was not the fault of My Pet Chicken. I found them to be great!!!
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I really recomend them. We order 5 chicks from them and they all arrived here safe and helthy. Even though there minnium is three if you live 20 minutes from the airport the limit is 5, 20 minutes or more the limit is 8, different for bantams. The hatchery thats supplies them is meyers. They got a good amount of breeds to and sexed bantams.
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I just got my chicks from mpc a week ago, I ordered 9 and got 11, they were all healthy and are eating and drinking and growing. Although I was supposed to get a call or email when they were shipped, I didn't, but since I knew about when they were supposed to be shipped, I called and asked, and they said they were shipped the day before, they said they were sorry, that I didn't get notified, they said they did send an email. All in all the customer service people are very friendly and helpful. Thank goodness I as all set up and ready for them.

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