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I was wondering how reliable people feel "My Pet Chicken" is for ordering chicks? I can't order from a bigger place, because of the 25 chick minimum. I only want 3-5 chicks! But I'm worried about warmth, so I thought I'd ask my neighbor if she wanted to order with me, though it would still only be 10 chicks or so.
Does anyone have good/bad stories about ordering from here? Are there usually a lot of deaths during shipping? I really want to avoid that, but I'm assuming that's just what happens... Or does anyone know another hatchery that has a low minimum? (If worst comes to worst, I'll just have to "suffer" through more chicks
I had 9 shipped last april to northeast massachusetts from MPC. All arrived the day after hatch with a heating pad and all were fine. They all grew up to be lovely, friendly hens! Customer service is also excellent. I have a Columbian Wyandotte that was extremely slow to mature and when I emailed to ask about it, they were very friendly and gave me a credit on another order. I never asked or expected for a credit and the hen turned out just fine in the end...

I think you will be fine!
Thank you! I hate thinking about little chicks dying during the shipping, so I'm glad hatcheries use heating pads to try and avoid that.
MPC I believe gets their chicks from Meyers who does the small shippments as well, and are alot cheaper.
I ordered from MPC last year and got 9 healhty chicks...Love them. I would order again, it was a little pricey though. They had a heating pad in the box.
We did three (yep, 3) separate orders from MPC last year. We were so thrilled with the first order of 8 that we ordered another 8 ... and another 10. :) We are in upstate NY.

We did have one that didn't survive but MPC handled it well. Not only did they quickly credit for the chick, they were very compassionate about the loss.

I give their web addy to anyone that mentions a desire for chickens.

We had originally wanted 3-4 hens too. Um, add to the numbers above the order we placed for April hatching ... 15 more chicks from MPC!

I wish you luck with sticking to just a few!
Thanks guys! I'm so ready to get chicks, I can't even stand it!!

And I sure hope I can keep myself from getting more than I can handle
this is actually not true but what is true is they rent space from them to hatch at there facility but they are not the same birds or eggs.
I received my 8 sexed silkies from MPC March 1st with no problems...healthy & thriving! Although they are pricey for shipping, it's well worth the $$ in my opinion b/c of the Express shipping (overnight) and the heating device to keep them warm. I had ordered 26 silkies from Ideal mid-Feb and 23 were DOA and the other 3 died later that afternoon.
I ordered 8 chicks back in September; 7 survived and grew into wonderful birds. They made mistakes with a couple of them, though - - for instance, I got a lakenvelder instead of a light brahma, and my "assorted rare breed" is a strange little mixed up thing who no one can identify. And I'm not sure my JG isn't an australorp - - no yellow on her feet and while she's big, she isn't as big as I was expecting. Also, one of my andalusian pullets turned into a roo. But it's okay because he's freaking gorgeous and so far my neighbors haven't complained

Still, all in all I'm happy with my birds and would order from them again. As others have been saying, their customer service is AMAZING.

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