My Pet Chicken


7 Years
May 21, 2012
We ordered 10 "Day Old Chicks" from My Pet Chicken. We have never had chicks before but did a lot of research. We did not know where to order them from, but knew we did not want 25 or more, which is a minimum for a lot of orders. My Pet Chicken did not have a minimum order. We ordered 2 RI Reds, 4 Golden Bluffs, 2 Light Brown Leghorns & 2 Brown Cornish. The hatch day was 5/7/12. I contacted my local post office that day to inform them that was was expecting baby chicks. They said they would normally contact me before 7am when they arrived. Turns out I had a message on my phone on 5/8/12 at 3:30. We picked them up before 5pm. We had the brooder ready (run it a day or two before to get the temperature control steady). Opened the shipping box, and chick by chick, dipped their beaks in the water. They seems very alert and healthy.
It takes consist attention through 2 weeks, but it does get easier (and worth it I hope). If your brooder is outside (I set mine up inside the actual coop, just reduced it and setup light & walls) need to pay attention to the weather. The light will need to be adjusted during the day. I need to lower it at night time to maintain a 95 degree temp and raise it during the day. I have it set up on a chain link, so i just raise it links. I use different watt bulbs also. Started with 200 watt and now at 150 watt.
All 10 chicks have grow and are awesome to watch. We handle them a lot to try to get them custom to us. My Pet Chicken gave us the option to get different species of chickens to start with. They are all healthy and can't wait for the eggs!!! Looking forward to them eating the bugs and using their poop for the compost also.
And the wonderful world of chickens!

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